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Georgia Wilderness Society
Banning Mills Zip Line Tour

Zip Line Tour

By Curt Cole

On Saturday, October 29, 2011, GWS members, consisting of five brave souls and a shop-a-holic, gathered at Banning Mills, west of Atlanta. The five flung themselves into thin air off 65’-100’ towers, sliding down steel cables to the ground far below, or to platforms in some cases. They rode about 17 zip lines, and, according to some folks, crossed a few too many cable bridges. The longest line was about one half mile, reportedly the 4th longest in the world. Some reached a height of about 200’ above ground as they crossed over Snake Creek gorge. A great time was had by all. Campfires and happy hour each day. Participants were Tom & Holly Payne, Bonnie Gehling, Shirley Williams, Irene & Curt Cole.