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A friendly critter came into camp.........and below, you can see that the surf was up on Saturday and Sunday.

It is nature hike time as Carol told us all about the coastal plants.

Chris Bryson is all smiles about being at Sapelo.
Hiking to the beach are the Collins sisters, Faye and Rita, and Basil and Tammy Youman.
Bud and Bobby enjoy the sunrise on Sunday morning
Waiting on the bus to come pick us up the last day
For those with fast internet connections, below is a short video of what happens when you are looking at the person in the camera and not watching the big wave behind them.  Click on the file beow...it will take a moment to load
And here is a bit of video (4 MB) set to music at the end...fun!
Requires Microsoft Media Player to view.
Bud Queen enjoying the refreshing cool of the ocean.