Georgia Wilderness Society
Paynes Prairie

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The sunset over the lake was brief, but beautiful.

below, a mama bird decided to build her nest in a potentially dangerous spot....the bbq grill at Joyce and Kay's campsite.  Many of the kids in the campground came by to take a peek, and to even write a note to future campers to advise them of it.
Above and to the left.....the thistle was blooming in large numbers.  These prickly plants have very large purple blossoms that fade to tan as they age.
Below, Bonnie and Ron are spotted beneath Chris' shelter over the picnic table on Sunday morning as the sun tries to come out.
After packing up camp, we drove over to the Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail.....a rails-to-trail that offers relatively flat, paved access to bicyclists, walkers, and rollerbladers....and even horses.  It also has several nice overlooks of lakes and the prairie.  Left....Terry and Rosemary on their tandem bicycle.
Trip participants:

Joyce, Terry, Rosemary, Kay, Ron, Chris, and Bonnie
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