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Georgia Wilderness Society
Ocmulgee River

GWS April 7, 2012 Ocmulgee River Canoe Trip with Niki and Bud Queen

Seventeen GWS members and friends braved the early morning chill to paddle the 10-mile one-day Ocmulgee River trip from Wise Creek to Highway 83, GA. A cool white mist wafted above the water at the canoe put-in across from Nelson's Island. Kids waded in the rapids while their families fished when we launched our canoes. With blue skies and plenty of sunshine the temperature rose quickly.
Except for the splash of an occasional paddle our canoes glided silently on the clear cool water turned golden by the morning sun.

A few canoers hugged the shoreline flanked by a wooded corridor of overhanging pine, sweet gum, sycamore, hickory, oak and beech trees. The trees had a magical explosion of bright green spring leaves. Large rock outcroppings, ferns, vines and shrubs doted the banks. Tiny birds chirped and sang among the trees.

Other canoers paddled in the center of the river to bask in the warm sunshine. We stopped at a couple of large pink sandbars to hike on a sandy horse trail while John Houser had a nap and to have lunch.

There is nothing like a pristine paddle on the upper Ocmulgee River. It's breathtaking beauty and serenity clears the mind and is good for the soul.

Trip participants were: Gus Lane, Basil and Tammy Youman, Joe Mangum, Terry Ross, John Houser, Peggy and Tiffany Tolbert, Ralph Bartow, Debbie and Jim Nelson, Cheryl Houston, Roz Goudeau, Laura Waters, Laurie Smith and Bud and Niki Queen.