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Georgia Wilderness Society
Flint River

May 25-26, 2013 Flint River Canoe trip with Niki and Bud Queen

It was a warm, sunny day when seventeen GWS members and friends set out on a two-day, 12-mile canoe camping trip on the Flint River. The recent rains caused the Flint's clear water to run brown, fast and high. After negotiating the boat ramp's slippery mud our kayaks and canoes raced down the river with minimum effort.

The river was flanked by a wooded corridor of overhanging willow, sweet gum, sycamore, hickory, oak and beech trees. Tiny birds chirped and sang among the trees. The shoreline trees had a magical explosion of bright green spring leaves.
The Flint's high water made the river appear wider and the sand bars smaller. Luckily there was still a large sandbar to make camp.

After setting up our tents most of us used our life jackets to float in the river current to cool off.  Our hands moved in a steady swatting motion when mosquitoes, gnats and no-see-ums appeared in the late afternoon.  We were serenaded by the hoots of barred owls and yipping coyotes while watching a yellow-orange sunset. There was good conversation and laughter around the camp fire.

A beautiful thick fog covered the river on Sunday morning.

Trip participants were Trish McMullan, Susan Bush, Garland Lee, Pam Densen, Wayne Etheredge, Paula Davis, Basil Youman, Terry Ross, Debbie Nelson, Genise and Bernard Spenle, Curt and Irene Cole and Bud and Niki Queen.