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Georgia Wilderness Society
Flint River

GWS Nov. 23-25, 2012 Flint River Canoe trip with John Houser

Since the Flint River is at a historic low eight GWS members met at the Flint River's Free Ferry ramp to determine if there was enough water to paddle the 34 miles to Reeves Landing. To our surprise there was water. But only if we stayed in the narrow river channel and avoided the large sandy shallows.

Except for John and Paula who paddled tandem the rest of us went solo to minimize hitting the river bottom and having to get out and drag the canoe to deeper water.

It was warm with blue skies and plenty of sunshine during the day. A campfire and good conversation kept the chilly nights at bay. Our tents were covered with frost the first morning and ice on the second.  We lucked out and paddled and “sailed” with the wind behind us on the second day.  Some of the oaks trees and baldcypress still had their beautiful red leaves.
The low water created huge sandy white sandbars around every river bend.

Although we heard the gunshots of duck and deer hunters we still saw many ducks, turkey, sandhill crane, blue herons and hawks. Two deer and a hog were also sighted. 

Many thanks goes to John Houser for leading another great trip. Trip participants were Cary Hoyt, Terry Neely, Terry Ross, Basil Youman, Paula Hall, Bud and Niki Queen and trip leader John Houser.