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Georgia Wilderness Society
Flint River

Below are two photos of some sandhill cranes that we spotted on the drive down to the Flint River.   We also spotted many of them in flight throughout the day.
Above, Carol and Jean get ready to board their boats for the day.
Below, the other Carol gives a great big grin as she enjoys the wonderful February weather

on the left, Lamar, Don, and Buddy look for their lunch...as does Stephen and Jean on the right.

Below, Stephen tries for a fish.  No luck.
Carol looks pretty good in this photo....very clean.  After a slip in the mud a bit later, the clean was replaced with sticky mud!
Trip participants:

Don Parker
Ron Turner
Carol Cooper
Dave Bolton
Carol Schneier
Bonnie Gehling
Stephen Feitshans
Jean Feitshans
Buddy Goolsby
Lamar Phillips
Chris Bryson